Available Puppies

All our dogs are United Kennel Club registered, some are also Canadian Kennel Club registered.

We were trying to get away from winter litters because the mothers shed their coats during the nursing of their pups. Would YOU want to go outside in the middle of winter with no coat on? However, Mother Nature is not always cooperative.  Also, we birth and raise them in our home, where we keep them for the first two months of their lives, then we move them out to our heated garage where they have access to an outdoor pen where they can play to their heart's content (they also have a live cat out there to play with).

Our Pet Price on a spay/neuter agreement is $1,200 CDN. This price includes veterinarian examination and 12 week health guarantee, up-to-date shots, micro-chip identification, and testing for PRA.

If you are a breeder, and are looking for a puppy for breeding, please contact us and we can discuss cost and terms.

We have puppies available almost all the time.

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Jessie X Tucker's Pups  (Toy/Mini)     (Past litter)

toy/mini pupies


Sire: Tucker
Dam: Jessie

Toy/ Mini


Three Girls
One Boy
Born: April 18 2009
Ready to go about June 17 2009

Angel x Tucker's Pups (Toys)     (Past litter)

Angel's Pups


Sire: Tucker
Dam: Angel


Two Boys
Two Girls
Born: April 24, 2009
Ready to go about July 10, 2009

Sunshine x Ice's Pups   ( Mini/Standards )     (Past litter)


Sire: Ice
Dam: Sunshine


Three Girls
One Boy
Born: April 28 2009
Ready to go about July 16, 2009



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