Registered vs Purebred-but-not-papered

The Canadian Livestock Act states that registration papers MUST be supplied FREE OF CHARGE for any animal that is being represented as "purebred"

Litter registration with the United Kennel Club can be as little as $20. Litter registration with the Canadian Kennel Club can also be as little as $20. Individual registration is $16 if it is done promptly and correctly. So why would some one NOT register their dog after they've gone to all the working of bringing this little creature into the world?

Let's say you decide to purchase that bargain basement "purebred but not registered puppy". Let's also say that it IS a purebred. You probably won't know for sure until it grows up, and it might not look much like a purebred at that time. But, oh well, you didn't pay that much, and all puppies are cute. Right?

One reason they don't register the puppies might be that they told their breeder that they only wanted a pet, so didn't want to buy the breeding rights on the dog, so they paid less and promised to spay or neuter the puppy. The breeder kept the registration papers in the breeders name until that puppy was spayed or neutered. So they don't ever get the papers. Basically the spay or neuter was considered PART of the purchase agreement, just like the payment. By not holding up their end of the bargain,  it's like not completing the purchase. They DON'T own the breeding rights. They may not even legally own the dog UNLESS it is spayed or neutered. It might not be their dog; it could be someone's lost pet, or even stolen. Who knows? THEY certainly don't have the papers for it.

Another item to consider. A responsible breeder will go to the trouble and expense of having their puppies tested for diseases and/or genetic defects. Do you honestly believe that the person who will not bother to register their puppies, will bother to test for the health of those puppies?

Sometimes a responsible breeder may have problems with getting papers for a certain dog. The registering committee can be very sticky, and occasionally, problems can come up. It happens seldom, but that breeder will not discount hundreds of dollars for that puppy. The quality of that puppy is the same as the papered ones, the costs are the same, and the breeders name and guarantee still stands behind it. If you are dealing with a respected breeder, and you have checked him/her out, then you can confidently "buy without papers" DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Don't "buy without papers" just to save a few dollars, it could come back to "bite you in the end"



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